By participating in this one program, you can fulfill your entire 3-year MCLE requirement. All this is possible through a combination of participatory and self-study credits, which will include all mandatory subjects.

Monday, 8 May 2017
An Introduction to the English Justice System

The presentation will compare and contrast the fundamental legal procedures and structure of the courts in England and Wales with those in California. This presentation will allow the participants in the program to understand and appreciate the differences between the systems as they visit the English Courts.

Crown Court Circuit Judge Peter Murphy (retired) was defence counsel before the Yugoslavian War Crimes Tribunal and qualified to practice before the Texas and California State bars.

Privilege Panel
This Privilege Panel will consider the scope and differences between Attorney Client Privilege in the US and Legal Professional Privilege, litigation privilege and legal advice privileges in the UK.

The panel will include two UK experts in this field who have between them litigated the leading UK cases and also appeared in multijurisdictional litigation involving the US and UK. The Panel will be moderated by a trial lawyer/barrister who has practiced in both the US and UK. The program attendees will be asked to actively participate to provide the US perspective, law and analysis. The materials provided in dvance will provide hypotheticals based upon actual cases for a lively discussion with the panel comparing and contrasting the scope of privilege in the two jurisdictions.

The panel will open with a very brief look at the evolution of the US and UK rules from the common law and then the modern and current leading cases in both jurisdictions. The panel will introduce the bifurcated structure in the UK namely “litigation privilege” and “legal advice privilege”. The discussion of differences will include a look at the UK rules in relation to money laundering, the obligation of solicitors and chartered accountants to report money laundering Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (PoCA) contrasted with the legal professional privilege protection carved out by Bowman v Fels [2005] and other such differences between the jurisdictions.

Philip Barden, Devonshires Solicitors
Richard Spearman QC, 39 Essex Chambers
Bradley Patterson, LGI LLP

Leah Saffian, Law Offices of Leah Saffian

Tuesday, 9 May 2017
Celebrities, Software, Aspirin, Cheerleaders and Those Blurred Lines!

2017 is off to a very interesting start when it comes to intellectual property law cases, both in the United States and United Kingdom. Who says IP isn’t interesting?! Among the issues to be discussed:

  1. Whether a name is a racial slur or a badge of pride.
  2. Can fashion be protected by copyright.
  3. A titanic trade mark battle and Tearoom tussle.
  4. Handbags at dawn for a UK brand owner.
  5. Oiling the wheels of product development.
  6. The makers of Aleve and the jurisdictional limitations of American commerce.
  7. And what about those Blurred Lines?

David Copping, Partner, Farrer & Co
Francine D. Ward, Esq, Of Counsel, Monty White LLP

Love, Marriage & Mayhem
A discussion of family law issues from a Californian and English perspective, addressing the legal challenges faced by families and individuals in an increasingly global environment, including cohabitation, pre and post marital agreements and complex matrimonial finance.

Caroline Holley, Partner Farrer & Co
Simon Bruce, Partner Farrer & Co
Pamela Jones, Attorney at Law and Certified Family Law Specialist

Moot: State Bar of California vs The Bar of England and Wales
As guests of The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple, we will participate in a moot demonstrating the differing litigation styles of barristers at the Bar of England & Wales and trial attorneys from California. The Moot is a traditional British training tool for barristers in which teams of attorneys argue a case involving factual and legal issues before real judges. This program will feature two American litigators pitted against two prominent British barristers. The judicial panel will be composed of two British high court justices and one American judge.

The case we will see argued is from Belfast, Northern Ireland and involves issues of gender and sexual orientation discrimination, freedom of religion and freedom of speech. The CASE FACTS are easy to understand, but the issues are incredibly complex and intriguing.

California Participants:
Michael L Justice, Law Office of Michael L Justice

British Participants:
Sarah Crowther, Outer Temple Chambers
Leslie Thomas QC, Garden Court Chambers

Wednesday, 10 May 2017
International Cross-Border Perspectives in Attorney Professional Responsibilities (Legal Ethics) between the United States and United Kingdom

Join a panel of experienced practitioners from the United Kingdom and the United States, including U.S. lawyers, and U.K. barristers and solicitors, for a discussion of some of the key differences between the U.S. and U.K. in professional responsibility issues affecting legal practice. Such things as the duty of confidentiality, conflicts of interest, attorney fees, cross-border practice, candor to the court and others, will be explored.

Robert Hawley, past Deputy Executive Director, State Bar of California
Rachel Langdale QC, 7 Bedford Row Chambers, Member of the Ethics Committee, The Bar Council
Fenner Moeran QC, Wilberforce Chambers, Member of the Ethics Committee, The Bar Council
Rhys Novak, Partner, Charles Russell Speechlys, LLP

Invited Panelists:
The Hon Mrs. Justice McGowan, Past Chairman of the Ethics Committee, The Bar Council

Thursday, 11 May 2017
Bringing Technology to the Courtroom – The Pros and Cons
The programme will feature a demonstration of the newest and most innovative items developed for forensic use in courtrooms in America and the United Kingdom. We are partnering with Opus 2 International, who will demonstrate many of the tools they find most effective in terms of efficiency and presentation before judges, juries and arbitrators. Barristers, solicitors and a judge are expected to serve on the panel to discuss the benefits and potential pitfalls of using such technology.

David Quest QC, 3 Verulam Buildings, Gray’s Inn
Zoe O’Sullivan QC, One Essex Court Chambers
Graham Smith-Bernal, CEO Opus 2 International
Sam Spivack, Senior Manager, Opus2 International

International Dispute Resolution and the Rule of Law in a Post-liberal, Post-factual Age

This seminar will explore the implications of the tumultuous events of 2016 for international dispute resolution, the rule of law, and the future of English jurisprudence. With the apparent rejection of the neo-liberal world order on both sides of the Atlantic, Anglo Saxon retrenchment into isolationism and protectionism not only opens the global stage to China, but risks negatively affecting trade and trading relations worldwide.

This seminar will look at:

  • The acceptability of English jurisprudence post Brexit, with reference to regionalisation and competition from other international centres of dispute resolution
  • How President Trump’s policies will impact international trade and the implications for the Rule of Law
  • Best practices:
    • The growing homogeneity of procedure in an increasingly fragmented and diversified market
    • Ethical considerations, and conflict of interest guidelines in the absence of global consensus

Invited Panelists:
Andrew Aglionby, International Arbitrator, JAMS
Joe Tirado, International Abritrator, JAMS
Tim Hardy, CMS Cameron McKenna
David Rivkin, past president of IBA, Internal Arbitrator, Debovise
Stephen R. Bond, Covington & Burling
J. William Rowley, QC, 20 Essex Street Chambers
Sir Bernard Rix, Judge on Singapore International Court, 20 Essex Street Chambers

Friday, 12 May 2017
Personal Jurisdiction Issues in International Litigation

This session will explore and discuss the issues of personal jurisdiction and international comity in civil litigation. What are the competing interests a court must consider when deciding whether to exercise jurisdiction over a foreign defendant?

Presenter: The Honourable Mrs Justice Geraldine Andrews DBE

This page will be updated with session and speaker information as details are confirmed.